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Monday, 29 May 2017

Lindsay's Agility Story

I've been trying to keep Pip in Grade 4 for as long as possible. I didn't feel ready to move up as we've been competing just two years as Pip's not 4 until the end of Sept, so still loads to learn.

We have had plenty of near misses, all were luckily with time faults as I purposely held her on contacts once I found out what I was doing wrong when I could do it in training but not comp. Consistency is what I was lacking.

Anyways this weekend I held her on contact as usual, walked away to next jump, released thinking 'yep that was tricky graded 4-7 so we should be safe with the long contact waits'. Unfortunately we were the only clear and well within time, whoops! We've managed in 9 months to get in to grade 4. The day after I thought 'blow it, we've gone and won into grade 5 so lets go' and she wins 4-5 combined agility, 3 second ahead of second place and today she won graded 4-7 and came 2nd 4-5 combined agility!

Dig It trainers such as Lou Cadman, Katie Burns and Michelle Wilson have helped us get to where we are. Pip also did 2x2 weaves with Avril which was amazing how quickly she learnt. Pip has never left any show without at least one placing and I've just hoping it stays that way which I am very lucky to say.

Now for Molly story she will be 2 next month, she started with Sue Fitton in beginners then moved into Lou's class and we have also done Kathryn Stickney's workshops. She won into grade 4 on her second Kennel Club show and first time outside at TAG Show this April. She is less consistent than pip however first day last weekend at Dog Vegas she won agility (time faults,  held contacts, perfect ;-) )and won 2 jumping, one at Ribble one here at Dog Vegas.

I like to think they are both doing cracking and I have the confidence no matter how challenging the course to have a bash and it's all down to fantastic Dig It trainers and shows etc.

Can't say thank u enough to everyone who is helping us on our journey!

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