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Sunday, 22 January 2017

Instructor Goals for 2017

1. Keep them all fit and healthy. 

2. Walk in different places and enjoy the countryside more. 

3. Win one agility with Freddie so he's grade 7 then retire! :0)

Moss: go back competing in agility and get to grade 5 at least. Not lucky with injury in 2016

Jock: competing to nursery sheepdog trial in winter 2017

Abigail: stay healthy and strong another year! (She is 12 in February). 

1. For Lucy and I to build our running distance up to 10k

2. To dedicate 10 minutes each day doing shaping with Millie to keep building her confidence

3. To finally get round to starting agility training with Reo

I want to spend as much time as I can with my lot having bags of fun along the way!!!! 

To do all the levels of TD scent work with Trixie and Winston.

To walk my 3 Brown Rats on the same day without them rolling in any sort of poo!  :')

Sarah M
To teach Milo to play connect 4  :D
On a more serious note to hopefully get Milo running at shows at the speed he does at training.
Although he is getting the hang of connect four so that may be a more realiatic goal.

1. Build up the amount of quality individual time and training for each of my three poochies.

2. Build on Daisy's love of trick training and increase her repertoire.

3. Keep Chip sound and build on his love of obedience in training and competing.

4. Start foundation agility training with Wispa.

Sarah S
Ffion is 12 this year (not that she acts like it), so my goal for her is to continue to keep her fit and mentally stimulated and treat any issues as naturally as possible.

For Greg it's to up his number of tricks, especially body awareness ones, whether that's for a particular purpose or just for fun.

For me it's to make sure I'm being consistent with commands and handling and to make sure that the dogs have a good understanding with distractions as well as without and not just assume that they do because they can do it well in one place and in a particular sequence.

Bonnie: to keep, happy fit and sound

Dave: to keep, happy fit and sound

Ben: confidence and happiness and to build on the bit of agility training we have done with him

Milo: to ensure we work in harmony whether in flyball or agility. (....and to stop him from raiding the fridge)!

Mine is actually do some agility! And tracking. And obedience. And searchwork....

To keep Guinness fit and healthy. 
To keep his mind working by training new and different tricks.

Goals with Zoey:
1. Keep her fit, healthy & confident

2. Get to Grade 4

3. Keep her desire and love for trick training

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  1. Great goals! We wish you strength and inspiration to reach them all!
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