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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Instructors Take on Success

Success is this theme for the latest Dog Agility Bloggers Action Day. Which is today! Success is broad, everyone has a different interpretation and everyone takes different successes from different situations. The Dog Agility Bloggers Action Day brings together a whole range of people to discuss one topic, and creates a huge varity of answers. The Dig It Instructors have each given their brief take on Success, as part of today's Action Day!

Ruth Turner: My idea of agility success is taking at least one thing from each run that I was pleased with, and that we did successfully, and celebrating that thing.

Audra Hurst: Success for me is when you run your dog and it flows, and you feel like you are a team and you just want to go and do another run straight away because it felt so great.

Katie Burns: Success is competing in partnership with my dog and having mutual trust in each other so smoothly.

Michelle Dakin: To work the dog I have in training at competition. 

Sarah Stokes: Depends on which dog I'm running, for Greg it's the team work as others have stated. For Ffi Fo it's having her confident to be in the ring and having er wagging her tail all the way round.

Rachel Richards: Success for me with Daisy is her having a real BLAST and ending the run with a huge smile on her face no matter what happened in between start and finish.

Lou Cadman: Success is getting the awning down dry! Arriving and having everything set up, dogs walked and dinner on before it gets dark
Beating the course/judge and doing the best run you and your dog could possibly do.
I think success changes as you progress up the grades. When you start out it might be remembering the course or dog staying in the ring. As experience is gained it might be nailing a weave entry or a specific sequence etc.

Sarah McLean: I like to be consistent, so success to me is trying to get as many clear rounds as I can! I love going home from a show saying 5 runs 5 clears :), 2013 we had 1 Elimination all season. Its not all about winning, if I feel we have run the course and stuck to criteria in my handling and also Kita has stuck to criteria then I am happy!
Oh and if you are consistent winning comes without trying.

Bex Bebbington: Success for me and Polly is having focus and having that connection walking into a ring so I know she isn't going to just run off sniffing. Even if she goes wrong or makes up a new course, success for us is just her being focused and staying with me, actually wanting to do agility. Success with me and Gemma is when she does those spot on weaves or gains some speed from nowhere. Gemma also makes me feel success after any run, and never fails to lighten my mood after a lack of interest and concentration from Polly

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